Welcome to Social English. 

The purpose of this website is to offer an alternative look into to the English language by offering a non-progressive look into authentic structures and vocabulary of everyday English. 

The posts are visually appealing and quite factual, thus, offering students who wish to test their English skills daily or for English language teachers who wish to use thought-provoking authentic English sentences together with beautiful images in their English language lessons.

The basic target group is B1+ and above. However, some posts have simpler structures to accommodate learners at a lower level. 

Most posts are selected for the peculiar grammar structures in the sentence and the use of uncommon vocabulary.

In most of the posts, the correct answer is not the important information we are trying to pass on to the students, it’s more the structure and the vocabulary around it.

The English Grammar Club®


This website is related to our facebook page “The English Grammar Club®“. The purpose of this page is to share helpful posts only in and about the English language, this way all members can read and interact. Posts should help enhance communication between members, so we can learn, chat, and meet new friends from around the world.

  • We recommended every new member to like our page or group, so they can see our posts. Being active and interacting through answering and posting interesting posts attracts more active members who can help us improve our English. 

Thanks again for joining us, and enjoy your stay! We’re always open to your questions and any suggestions that could help us improve our group. 

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